The Insurance Brokers Role in Covered California

Culver City Certified Covered California AgentAre you one of the many individuals who still feels confused about the implications surrounding the Affordable Care Act? There is no need to worry! One of our experienced and Certified Covered California Agents can answer any questions you may have. Although many people assumed the role of insurance brokers would dwindle with recent health care reform, Obamacare has actually emphasized a greater importance of health insurance brokers.

  • With the health insurance mandate in place, there are more people than ever before are seeking health coverage. Since this is the first time many individuals will ever be obtaining health insurance, there is an abundance of unanswered questions. When you work with a Certified Covered California Agent, you can receive peace of mind knowing you will be abiding by all rules and regulations.
  • The Obama administration recently announced that they would be extending some existing health insurance plans, calling them grandfathered plans. Health insurance brokers are able to keep you up-to-date on these matters and help you determine whether or not your existing plan constitutes as a grandfathered plan or not.
  • With new rules and regulations surrounding the Affordable Care Act, more small businesses are entering the health insurance realm. As a small business owner, your main priority is protecting the assets of your organization. When a small business purchases health benefits for their employees, they must do so through SHOP, which can only be done through a certified insurance broker.
  • Most importantly, Certified Covered California Agents can help navigate individuals and small businesses through the entire new insurance process. It is understandable that recent health care reform is confusing for some, and the experienced professionals are eager to simplify it for you.

Contact ISU Wissink Insurance for all of your California health insurance needs. We understand how complex the implications of Obamacare may seem, and we are always available to clear up any confusion.