Reasons To Be Be Extra Cautious Driving During The Summer

Culver City Auto InsuranceWhile many individuals assume that it is more dangerous to drive during the winter, the summer months call for extra caution on the roads. There are a variety of factors of summer driving that make it increasingly more dangerous, leading to an increased amount of traffic violations. Make sure to drive with extra caution due to these major influences:

  • Since young drivers are on a break from school, there is a heavy presence of teen drivers on the road. Their lack of experience make for increased dangers on the road.
  • Vacationers who are in a rush to get to their summer destinations will often create a dangerous environment on the road. These road trippers are typically unfamiliar with the roads and may engage in road rage tendencies. They may often be the ones speeding pass you on the freeway to get to their vacation spot.
  • Optimal weather conditions cause an increased amount of construction during the summer months. Make sure to share the road and slowdown in construction zones.
  • Cyclists also take advantage of optimal weather conditions, so make sure to share the road and look over your shoulder before switching lanes.
  • Since heat causes tires to expand, there are often an increased amount of tire blowouts during the summer months. Therefore, be diligent in rotating and replacing your tires as necessary.
  • While you may be inclined to speed to get to your exciting summer plans, it is imperative that you take extra caution on the roads this summer. A speeding ticket is not only expensive to pay off, but it will also significantly increase your auto insurance premium. Avoid this dangerous habit at all costs.

ISU Wissink Insurance encourages you to take extra caution driving during the summer months. Contact ISU Wissink Insurance today for all of your Culver City auto insurance needs.