New auto technology that can save you money

new technology and auto insurance Culver City, CA

All the new technology that is constantly being created is making our lives easier and easier. This new technology is springing up everywhere, especially in the car industry. Most of the new technology that has come out for cars is making the road a safer place by lowering the amount of accidents that happen. With lower accident rates, auto insurance companies are able to offer lower premiums to customers, saving you money. There are three main new auto technologies that are out or up and coming, to help make the roads a safer place.

  • Autonomous cars are still mostly an idea in the car industry. Autonomous cars, or cars that drive themselves, would be able to prevent almost any accident on the road. The car would do everything itself, from accelerating, to stopping, to turning. The only thing that a human would have to do is shut the door and put on their seatbelt!
  • Collision avoidance systems are already available to the public through some makes and models of cars. These systems can sense when you are close enough to a vehicle ahead of you to cause a collision. It will then apply the breaks and tighten the seatbelts of anyone in the car. These systems have already lowered the bodily injury claim by 15% in cars that are already equipped with the system.
  • Assisted driving includes technology such as lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, and automatic breaking. Lane keeping allows your vehicle to correct your course if you start drifting out of lanes. Adaptive cruise control will apply the breaks or throttle to make sure you stay at a safe distance while using cruise control. Automatic breaking allows your vehicle to engage the breaks if there is a possible frontal collision or if the car senses that you are tailgating.

Although fully automatic cars are still futuristic ideas, they are closer than ever. ISU Wissink Insurance Agency, an independent insurance agency, can help you find the best auto insurance policy for your car.