Commercial Auto Insurance: When Is It Required?

Commercial auto insurance is a necessity whenever your employee drives for the job. Whether you have employee vehicles or not, you may find yourself liable if your employee gets into an accident while at work.

Why Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

We all know that accidents can happen in an instant. Your employee could get into an accident doing something as trivial as running an errand to the bank. If your employee gets into an accident during work hours and completing work tasks, your company could become liable. Commercial auto insurance protects you from this. It will insure your company vehicles so your employees can drive them, and functions almost identically to personal auto insurance, with the same forms of coverage.

You can protect your business and your employees by ensuring that you’re covered. For more information about commercial auto insurance and other forms of necessary commercial insurance coverage, contact ISU Wissink Insurance in Culver City, CA today!