Check Your Home After An Earthquake To Stay Safe

After the recent California earthquake, people are going over their earthquake preparedness plans to stay safe if another earthquake happens. Yet you should also check over your home and surroundings after an earthquake. Your home may have been damaged as you can use your earthquake insurance to help with repairs.

Foundation cracks: Damaged foundations can cause serious stability problems for your home’s structure that could cause it to collapse during the next major earthquake. Look for cracks along the outside foundation. You can also look inside your home for foundation problems as a sagging floor or cabinet doors that now swing open on their own when they didn’t previously could indicate a change to your foundation.

Leaning trees: With the ground heaving, this movement can cause tree roots to loosen from the earth. Check out the trees in your yard and take note of any that are now leaning at a dangerous angle. Then hire tree trimmers to cut the tree down.

Cracked water and gas pipes: You should also inspect all water and gas pipes for damage. If you smell gas but cannot turn off the shutoff valve, immediately evacuate your home and call your local utility company.

Pool cracks: While above-ground pools that are collapsible can simply be placed back up if they are knocked down by an earthquake, in-ground pools require a thorough inspection to look for cracks. Before someone goes in for a swim, have a pool expert search for cracks and perform the required repairs.

Addressing the problems quickly after an earthquake can prevent future issues that will become more costly to fix. Keep your family and yourself safe by inspecting your home after an earthquake.

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