Are You Having a Hard Time Understanding How Health Care Reform Affects You?

The Health Care Reform Act brings with it a lot of changes to health insurance. Concerns have come up, such as being able to keep a current policy, and the cost of a new policy for those who have never bought insurance on the individual market. Getting these concerns and others answered is as easy as calling an insurance agent and asking questions. 

For those who have an existing plan, but don’t know if it is grandfathered in, can ask an insurance agent to find out if they can keep their plan. Insurers should be sending out letters to inform their customers of the status of their policies. In the event that the letter hasn’t reached the customer, or the insurer hasn’t sent anything out yet, the agent can go over the policy and provide a more definitive answer.

The shopping for a new policy can also be confusing. Even though now having a policy is required by law, it is not exactly simple to select from the policies on offer. An insurance agent can be of assistance by helping to determine which policy makes the most sense for the individual or family needs. The agent can also compare prices, and guide the customer towards purchasing a policy that offers the right kind of coverage at an agreeable cost.

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