5 Simple Tips to Prevent Common Fire Hazards in Your Home

Fire safety is extremely important when you are trying to keep your home and family secure. While most home fires are accidental, they can easily be prevented by being more vigilant and taking precautions that would greatly reduce the risk of a fire.  

Here are a few simple tips to help you prevent fires within your home.

  • Don’t Overload Your Outlets

Overloading your outlets can spell disaster if one gets too hot and begins to short out. Therefore, avoid using extension cords if possible. If you do need to use one, do not run it under furniture or rugs. Use a surge protector when you need more plugs than just the two in the outlet. Switch it off when not needed to prevent potential hazards and save electricity.

  • Never Leave Any Open Flame Unattended

Whether it be a flame on a gas stove or a candle, you should never leave an open flame unattended. Pets and small children can accidentally hit a pot on the stove, causing the flame to spread to areas where it shouldn’t. Blow a candle out and turn off your stove before you step outside.

  • Keep a Close Eye on Your Grills and Bonfires

Grills and bonfires can send sparks several feet away from where they are located. If you have to walk away, don’t go so far that you can’t see the grill or bonfire. It only takes a small gust of wind to send a piece of ash floating away, which can land on something flammable. Keep your garden hose handy in case fire drops to the ground or makes its way out of the burn area.

  • Clean Your Washer and Dryer Often

It’s crucial to keep your washer and dryer as clean as possible. Proper washer maintenance will ensure that the motor doesn’t overheat. When it comes to your dryer, clean the lint trap after every load you dry, as it is extremely flammable and can catch a spark quickly. You should also clean out the vent tube every three to six months, depending on how often you use your dryer.  

  • Check Your Space Heaters and Fireplaces

If you use space heaters or fireplaces, you have an increased risk of fire hazards inside your home. Place your space heater in a wide-open area. Keep all curtains and flammable materials as far away as possible. When using your fireplace, use a fireguard to keep sparks from flying out onto your carpet or hardwood floors.

Reducing your risk of a home fire can be as easy as being a little more observant when it comes to using an extension cord or where you place a space heater. Also, make sure to have homeowners insurance to cover fire-related losses. Contact our agents at ISU-Wissink Agency to get a customized home insurance policy.