4 Ways to Encourage Your Employees During COVID-19

Many businesses have had to close down during the pandemic with no plans to reopen. Business owners were forced to adapt to restrictions and changing customer demands, all of which have affected their employees. Struggling employees will be less motivated and less productive than employees who do not have such crushing worries. This is why offering constant support and encouragement can be very helpful for your employees and your business.

The following are a few ways in which you can encourage your employees during the current tough times.

1.    Develop Open Channels of Communication

During tough times, it is very likely that your employees are worried, scared, or anxious. The pandemic has resulted in a widespread loss of employment, leaving many without a source of income. Many business owners have had to reduce their workforce in order to keep the business running. Existing employees may experience uncertainty or the fear of losing their job. This is why it is important to keep the communication lines open. As a business owner, ensure you keep your employees informed about any changes or new policies you plan to implement.

To alleviate their fears and anxiety, provide a platform for open communication, leaving room for your employees to voice their concerns openly. You can develop open communication with your employees by having regular team meetings or one-on-one interactions with your staff.

2.    Ensure Transparency

To help your employees through tough times, ensure you provide the time and space for your employees to talk. Whatever decisions you need to make concerning the business, ensure you keep your employees in the know. Being open will help create a culture of trust and support rather than distrust and uncertainty. This also means that any decision you make will not come as a shock to your employees as they will be adequately prepared. In case of any eventuality, your employees will have time to prepare for the worst and have a chance to make appropriate decisions.

3.    Make Appropriate Changes

During the pandemic, many business owners had to adopt more flexible ways to run their businesses. Examples of this are allowing employees to work from home and creating flexible working hours. To help your employees during tough times, you can make appropriate, positive changes that can help your employees adjust to the new circumstances. You can also make some adjustments to the workplace to create a safer environment in line with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

4.    Physical and Mental Health Support

Tough times and financial difficulties can have a negative impact on the employees’ physical and mental health. To help your employees through such financial crisis, you can use the available resources to provide physical and mental health support to your employees. It could be in the form of flexible work schedules, bonuses, or fun activities at the workplace. Follow these tips to create a more conducive work environment for your employees during COVID-19. For all your commercial insurance needs, contact our experts at  ISU-Wissink Agency today!