4 Reasons You Need Life Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, married or single, you should consider getting life insurance. Life insurance not only helps pay for your funeral expenses, but it also provides money to help pay medical bills, as well as supports your loved ones during a difficult time.

You Are Married

If you’re married, your spouse probably relies on your income to help pay for the bills, even if he or she works too. In the event of your passing, life insurance can provide supplemental insurance to help your spouse pay for your funeral, monthly bills, a car loan or even helping to pay for the mortgage.

You Have Children

Having children is one of the best reasons to get life insurance. In the event of your passing, it helps keep a roof over your kids’ heads and everything else they need to live a happy and healthy life. It also ensures there is money to pay for child care or allow your spouse to stay home to care for the children.

You Have Disabled Dependents

If your child or another one of your dependents is disabled, having life insurance is a must. A disabled dependent who will probably never work needs continuing care even after you are gone, which costs money they don’t have. Life insurance will provide financial support and money for the care they will need.

You Have Living Parents

Your parents may depend on you to help support them, so even if you don’t have children or a spouse, life insurance is a good idea. It will allow them to pay for your funeral or help provide additional income.

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