Everything You Need To Know About Healthcare Enrollment Periods

With all of the controversy and confusion surrounding recent health care reform, it is imperative that you receive accurate information so that you can enter the healthcare market appropriately. In attempts to control costs, the federal government has put various enrollment periods into place. These enrollment periods make it so that an individual cannot wait until they become ill to obtain health insurance. Starting in the year 2014, individuals can only enroll in guaranteed issue individual Read More

Deadlines keep passing for affordable health care

Since last October, Americans have had the opportunity to sign up for health insurance through the New Affordable Health Care Act. Through this act, those who qualify may be eligible to receive subsidies to help offset the cost of purchasing insurance. Many of the original deadlines for enrollment have already passed, but it is not too late to get your coverage. The original deadline for coverage beginning January 1, 2014 was December 23, 2013. Additional deadlines are coming up and depend on Read More