Easy Time Management Hacks

Follow these easy time management tips to do more with your day! Sometimes 24-hours doesn’t seem like enough time to handle everything that’s on your plate.  Between work, family, personal relationships, and other responsibilities, it can feel like you’ll never get anything done.  Nevertheless, try not to stress and follow these time management strategies to make the most of your waking hours! Write it Down Trying to keep a mental checklist of everything that you need to do is a lot of Read More

Protecting Your Business’ Outdoor Areas

Learn how to keep the outdoor areas of your business safe. If your business incorporates outdoor spaces or has outdoor features such as fountains or seating, then you might have to take special safety precautions.  Unfortunately, outdoor features are prime targets for vandalism and theft.  Learn what steps you can take to make sure your business’ outdoor areas are protected. Install Exterior Lighting One way to discourage vandals and thieves is to keep your business’ outdoor areas well Read More

Common Gaps in Auto Insurance

Make Sure That You are Getting the Right Auto Insurance. If you own a car, every state requires you to have some level of auto insurance.  However, these insurance minimums aren’t enough to adequately protect you and can leave you vulnerable.  Learn about the most common gaps in auto insurance and make sure you have all the protection you need. Transportation Expenses Coverage If you are in an accident and are unable to drive your vehicle, you might have to rely on a rental car or other Read More

The Insurance Your College Kid Needs

Make sure your college kid has all the coverage they need this school year. College is a time of extremes.  From the stress of moving to a new place and making new friends to the pressure of excelling academically and maintaining a social life, college kids have it hard.  Knowing this, it’s natural for parents to be concerned and a little bit anxious about their children embarking on this new journey.  One way to ease your troubled mind is to make sure that your child is prepared and covered Read More

How to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Cut down on gas consumption by adopting these fuel-saving habits. Do you find yourself constantly stopping at the gas station to top up your tank? If so, you may need to reassess your driving habits. Simply driving a little more carefully and cautiously can do wonders for your wallet – and the environment! Use these tips to conserve fuel while driving. Empty the trunk. Are you carrying around unnecessary weight? If you have heavy golf clubs in the trunk, your car will need to use more Read More

Should You Spring for Auto Insurance Add-Ons?

Does your auto insurance need all of the added bells and whistles? A typical car insurance policy covers you from having to pay for damages that you cause. However, for truly personalized coverage that protects you from all sorts of accidents and financial hardships, auto insurance add-ons are available. When comparing auto insurance policies and add-on coverage, the cheapest policies tend to be the ones without all of the trimmings. However, motorists should be advocates of getting the right Read More

Is Your Small Business Ready for It’s Grand Opening?

Before you cut the ribbon and open the doors, ensure your small company is ready for the big opening. From concept to design to hiring the right team, you’ve been backing your business the whole way. When it’s time for the grand opening, you’ll want to review everything to ensure you’ve set your business up for success. Before you open the doors, get your business ready! Review the website. Even in this digital age, companies have unprofessional Internet sites. Technology plays a huge Read More

Are You Going Camping? Use These Safety Tips for Your Great Adventure!

Enjoy camping in the great outdoors with these camping safety tips for summer. The summer is ideal for camping, and it’s the time when many are prepping their tents and readying their portable grill. Camping is a fun way to get family and friends together to enjoy the outdoors, and the light nights and warm weather offers the perfect opportunity to do just that. So that your family and friends keep safe during your trip, whether local or on the road, check out these camping safety tips for Read More

Healthy Office Snacks for an Energized Team

Offering a selection of healthy snacks helps your team to stay on point. You expect your staff to spend a lot of time at the office, so why not try to make the most of it? Offering tasty and healthful snacks can help keep energy, spirits, and productivity up – all at relatively little cost to your business. What kind of snacks are best for the office? Use this guide to the top healthy choices for stocking your breakroom. Fruit & veggies It shouldn’t be surprising that fresh fruits Read More

Tips for Buying Business Insurance

Shopping for your business’s insurance policy? Here’s what you need to consider first. No two businesses are alike. Similarly, no two companies share the same risks and threats that can impact the stability, finances, and staff. Buying business insurance for your small company can be a frustrating process. Finding the right policy can feel like you’re looking for a needle in the haystack. In actuality, giving up and settling for a mediocre policy can do more damage to your business than it can Read More